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 Galerie Verdun, Oil Paintings
"Galerie Verdun, Oil Paintings
Original abstract oil paintings, unique abstract acrylic paintings and fine Greek sculpture by artists Quincy, Leon and Curtis Verdun.

 Sculpture by John Brown
"Sculpture by John Brown
John Brown creates garden sculptures and interior sculptures, as well as those designed specially for corporate and private clients.

We offer a variety of distinctive sculptures and accessories that are sure to dramatically enhance your home or office. Our sculptures employ a variety of mediums such as natural stone, metals, wood, resin and glass in a number of stylish colors and finishes. Popular companies represented are Mill Creek Studios, Austin Productions, Santini Workshop, and Starlite Originals.

 Metal Sculpture
"Metal Sculpture
Deev Vanorbeek lives in a world populated with disproportionate insects. He presents a magnified reality that imposes respect. His esthetic intervention comes close to calligraphy with the purest forms and the most vibrating volumes. By twisting iron wire, he displays his spiders, ants and other insects through a magnifying glass. Each of his creations takes life with force and makes the observer compromise between creation and recreation, life and death, fear and humor. Today, Deev is moving towards more abstract art. He invites you to discover his work live in his atelier or on his website.

 Jerzy Wisniewski sculpt in wood
Web site introducing the work of Jerzy Wiśniewski, in which author shows pronunciation of gesture

 Contemporary metal sculpture by Johan Jonsson
Junk art sculptures in metal & mixed media. The official home of outsider artist J. Jonsson.

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